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Guitar Lessons Belfast is one of Belfast's leading guitar schools because our tutors focus on ensuring that the pupil learns the music that inspired them to pick up the guitar.

It is a simple objective, yet requires many years of experience as a teacher to be able to incorporate songs from an array of different musical genres into lessons - in an order that makes logical sense for new learners.

As a guitar school we are also conscious that many of our students are limited with the amount of time that they are able to practice on the guitar between lessons - perhaps due to busy work schedules, the pressures of school exams or an active family life. On account of this, we work closely with students to create specific home tasks that ensure that the student focuses on a few key exercises and songs to progress their playing week on week.

This means some students are provided with practice schedules, that might highlight exactly what they need to do if they have 15 minutes practice per day to spend on the guitar. Here at Guitar Lessons Belfast, we believe playing the guitar a little each day - rather than cramming an hour of practice in just before the next lesson - is a much more effective way of learning to play the guitar.

However, it does take a commitment from students to practising at least 15 minutes per day to really see a smooth progression from beginner to a confident intermediate guitar player. This might mean getting up a little earlier to play the guitar before going to school, or not wasting time on Facebook after work - we often find with a little encouragement even the busiest of students can carve out 15 minutes per day to play the guitar.

We would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar, using our tried and test methods to help students really improve their guitar playing ability at a speed where they can see and feel the progress. For more information about Guitar Lessons Belfast please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 03455 086739 or via email info@guitarlessonsbelfast.com.

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